Friday, 28 November 2008

Analyzing Opening Sequence.

We chose Hot Fuzz...

We chose it because it's interesting and different to other comedy films. The titles consist of a narrating voice over the top and almost like a story so far in the life of the character.

Camera Work:
Wide Shot, Slow Zoom, Long Shot, Fast Zoom, Close Up, Tracking - Lots, Freeze Frames, Zoom Out, Mid Shot, Over The Shoulder and Depth Of Field.
The camera work makes the clip very jumpy and fast so you are constantly focused on the clip and the main character involved. The titles introduce the main character and only the main character. The quick zooms keep you on the edge of your seat and the tracking makes you follow the character along his life journey so far.

Cut Aways, Transitions - Lots, Match On Action and Side Swipe.
The cut aways our fast and jumpy so you are involved immediately with the character and what he has done. It creates the feeling that you are getting his life in 3 mins all round up and brief.

Diegetic and Non - Diegetic, Soundtrack and City and Office sounds, Voice Over.
The sounds both create a fast, adrenaline rush that makes you want to know more about the character as it sounds more interesting.

Police Station, Training Camp, Streets and Houses.
Police Uniform, Guns, Training Equipment, etc...
Natural and a little fake lighting.
The locations make it feel quite strict and police like, so it gives the feeling of a really high achieving police officer that wants to go even further than he has.

Only 4 main Big, Bold, White, And Plain titles at the very beginning.
The titles are very impact and plain white which gives it a stern powerful, 'in charge-ness' feel to it.

The scene only shows the main first character which is different and interesting because it leaves you wandering about the other characters. It only shows the police locations so this also doesn't give much away and makes you wonder what the rest of the places are going to look like. The music is normal to other titles as it creates a difference to the actual film but has a narrator over the top so you know what is happening. The style is modern, fast and has a comedic side to it at the end to create a difference, you think it's serious but it brings you back at the end when there is comedy so you loose focus slightly. There is a lot of english police reference mentioned throughout.

This is the link to watch the clip.

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